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Progressive Trance

2009-04-09 21:14:19 by APPSmusic

Probably my best song, you can listen to it here.

Progressive trance URL: /228288


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2009-04-09 22:17:51

bland scale used, bland tempo, bland time signature, bland phrasing
a true gem of the shuffle generation


2009-04-09 22:41:15

FlashFirer speaks the truth, your trance is very well, but too many others songs replicate the tempo you used, the time signature judged by the drumbeats, and even the note patterns.


2009-04-10 02:18:23

Not really awesome...I would classify it as a "decent lil tune"...

How the hell did you managed to post on front page when your audio is pretty average?

Btw, would you like some tea?